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Clair Ridge lifting support during hook-up and commissioning

Specialist engineering support early on in a project saves time and money during operation.





Clair Ridge platform


Korea and UK






BP required support with all of their lifting engineering services throughout the hook-up and commissioning of the Clair Ridge platform. As a long term specialist contractor for BP’s North Sea assets we were asked to become actively engaged in the Clair Ridge project from an early stage. 



Solution applied

  • We supported maintenance and inspection of lifting equipment as well as supplying a number of key personnel
  • Surveys of lifting equipment were completed in-field, West of Shetland
  • Lifting registers were created onshore with certification from BP’s database and were uploaded to Sparrows ICE database in advance of offshore mobilisations, thus optimising time spent offshore. This provided BP with a lifting register database which key personnel from both client and client key stakeholders can access easily
  • During the construction of Clair Ridge in Korea we supplied personnel to operate the cranes to support commissioning activities
  • We created a suite of PMR documents for lifting equipment, including pedestal cranes. Our crane operators supporting Clair Ridge are also mechanics and have undertaken verification activities of PMR’s for further optimisation
  • BP wanted to help the new deck crews to settle in and effectively monitor how they were behaving in their new environment. We mobilised our Integra safety coaches for the task and were able to report on any areas for improvement and also offer coaching on-site. Coaching to improve safety is an ongoing activity



Summary of services/equipment deployed

  • Supply of crane maintainer/operator personnel - Korea and West of Shetland
  • Onshore engineering support
  • Dedicated onshore management support function
  • Supply of lifting equipment and accessories
  • Lifting equipment inspection services
  • Support for PLC technical issues on OEM cranes
  • Supply of Integra personnel to coach BP and other contractor deck crews
  • Training
  • Supply equipment, crane spares and other materials as required
  • Supply of hydraulic equipment
  • Provision for planning of all scopes of work
  • Lifting plan documents
  • Incorporation into key BP systems such as MAXIMO CMMS and Traction for safety management
  • Supply of Stahl gantry crane, including commissioning support in Korea
  • Supply and installation of Latchways systems




The solution applied by the Sparrows Group provides a number of benefits:

  • Market leading expertise to ensure quality and safety
  • Cost effective overall solution from one contractor for consistency
  • Fast response to fit with tight timescales
  • Specialist expertise and experience for operations in a challenging environment



quotes 01The health and safety knowledge and guidance we received was welcomed by all. Sparrows built an excellent working relationship with all deck crew personnel with a first class attitude, and their coaching and assistance has been invaluable. close quotes 01


Peter Lambert, BP Clair Ridge, LOLER Appointed Person





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