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Offshore wind substation crane troubleshooting and repair

Specialist troubleshooting and repair support is essential when you have equipment that is not functioning as expected.



Offshore wind farm








One of our client’s Effer marine cranes at its offshore wind farm had not been functioning correctly since its installation, and our client contracted us to carry out troubleshooting, to diagnose and repair the fault.

Initial feedback from the client identified the hydraulic control functions as the likely cause of the problem.



Solution applied

  • Analysis of existing hydraulic schematics and drawings took place before we mobilised a hydraulic rope access technician who had undergone the appropriate RenewableUK and Global Wind Organisation (GWO) endorsed working at height training.
  • After several function tests were carried out the fault was discovered to be electrical and was pinpointed to be a component failure on a printed circuit board inside the control panel.
  • A replacement spare part was ordered and we mobilised the same hydraulic rope access technician to replace the faulty circuit board, and perform testing to ensure the problem was fixed and the crane was returned to full functionality.
  • During our visit we identified a number of potential safety and performance issues associated with the crane on the substation. Elements had been wrongly specified and there were issues around safe access and egress around the substation platform.
  • We produced a report of recommendations which was submitted to the client as part of the project.



Summary of services/equipment deployed

  • Onshore hydraulic fault diagnosis
  • Offshore hydraulic troubleshooting
  • Onshore engineering support
  • Supply of skilled offshore personnel




The solution applied by the Sparrows Group provides a number of benefits:

  • Multi-skilled offshore personnel for fault finding
  • Fast response time to minimise disruption
  • Onshore engineering support to reduce offshore costs
  • Technical support regardless of OEM





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