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Export hose change out

Installation and testing of new equipment is crucial to the ongoing performance of any vessel.











In preparation for its first oil transfer our client required to install a new oil export hose on their FPSO.

With no record of a test for the lifting system for the oil export hose, Sparrows and Cebo were contracted to carry out testing and set up works as well as manage the installation of the new hose.

The hose was to be hung from the FPSO in a u-bend configuration at the AFT of the vessel with the hose end valve secured in a specially designed saddle. Winches and sheaves were located in the vicinity of both ends of the u-bend to assist hose installation / removal.



Solution applied

  • A joint Sparrows team mobilised to the FPSO to survey the offload hose area and lift plans were then developed to detail the installation of the export hose string and accessories using an Anchor Handling Vessel (AHV)
  • Onshore preparations included identifying and preparing the correct rigging, pressure test equipment and hose string fasteners/tooling
  • Pulling beams were designed, fabricated and tested for use in the lifting system load tests
  • Deck space restrictions prevented the spooling of the pulling winches by conventional means (using a spooling winch) so a rigging arrangement was utilised to allow rope to be spooled from the rope stands under tension
  • Both FPSO and AFT hose end lifting systems were tested prior to the lifting of the hose, utilising specially designed pulling beams
  • A Sparrows Group hydraulic technician was mobilised to the FPSO to assist the client with the set-up of pump pressure control values on the pulling winch
  • In preparation of the hose end valve lift an overhead i-beam trolley beam system was load tested and inspected to allow transport of the hose end valve to location



Summary of services/equipment deployed

  • Export hose and accessories procurement
  • Survey and design services
  • Lift plan development
  • Load test and inspection
  • Fabrication / manufacturing
  • Hydraulic support
  • Rigging and lifting equipment supply
  • Export hose handling
  • Project management




  • Expert lift planning development to ensure the right approach is chosen
  • Design and fabrication of specialist bespoke equipment that is fit for purpose
  • Project management allowed for the accurate and timely delivery
  • Inspection of equipment provides confidence in the integrity of equipment





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