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Hydraulic pipework pressure testing & flushing

Hydraulic pressure testing and flushing provides confidence in fluid power equipment cleanliness and maximises performance.



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As part of a rig reactivation programme on-board a production platform our client contracted us to carry out pressure testing and flushing of hydraulic pipework in the rig skidding system, weather deck, draw works, derrick, CRI package and BOP control system.

We also carried out the onshore refurbishment of several pieces of drill floor equipment.



Solution applied

  • Preparation of work packs with pressure testing and flushing procedures, marked-up pipework drawings showing connection details for the flushing loops
  • Supply of flushing skids, filter skids, diaphragm pump skids for oil filling and transfer, particle analysers, pressure test pumps and chart recorders
  • Hydraulic technicians pressure tested, flushed and reinstated pipework, allowing rig hydraulic systems to be reinstated
  • Supplied certification package including pressure test certificates / charts and particle count reports for all hoses and pipework pressure tested and flushed
  • Carried out additional work scopes, including:
  • Onshore refurbishment of rotary table hydraulic drive system
  • Onshore refurbishment of cherry picker (personnel access basket)


Pressure testing and flushing requirements
 System Test pressure  Inside diameter  System fluid Required cleanliness
 Rig skidding  5000psi, 8700psi  1/2", 3/4"  Castrol AWH-32  ISO 15/14/12
 Derrick  N/A  1/2", 1", 2"  Castrol AWH-46  ISO 15/14/12
 Weather deck PDM, PHM  207, 230, 345 bar  1", 1-1/2"  Castrol AWH-46  ISO 15/14/12
 CRI  207, 230, 345 bar  3/4", 1"  Castrol AWS-32  ISO 15/14/12
Koomey BOP control system N/A 1/2", 1-1/4", 40mm, 65mm, 25mm Castrol AWH-15

ISO 15/14/12

ISO 17/15/12




Summary of services/equipment deployed

  • Project management and hydraulic engineering support
  • Flushing and pressure-testing equipment
  • Competent and experienced hydraulic technicians
  • Refurbishment of hydraulic equipment in onshore workshops




  • Management and planning of the entire flushing and pressure testing work scopes
  • Supply of equipment and manpower to allow the work scope to be completed successfully
  • Certification package allowing verification and traceability of the pipework integrity
  • Ability and capacity to take on additional onshore and offshore work scopes as the rig reactivation project progressed





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