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Manhour Record for Shell Contract


The Shell Contract team at Sparrows have been commended for achieving 15 years without a Lost Time Incident (LTI), totalling an impressive 3 ½ million manhours. The team, comprising of approx 80 offshore employees and 18 onshore employees, currently led by Shell Contract Manager Brian Smith, have achieved this feat working across 67 installations in Shell’s Northern and ONEgas Operations, as well as the Torry Marine Base.

Over the course of the last 15 years, the team have been involved in a number of major high-risk projects including crane changeouts, crane refurbishments, boom and major load path component changeouts as well as regular planned maintenance activities, all making the achievement more noteworthy.

Talking about their success, Shell Contract Manager Brian Smith said “It’s a fantastic achievement on safety performance and is credit to all the many individuals who have played their part in reaching this milestone. Without their level of commitment in ensuring that they work in a safe manner, this achievement would not have been realised”

It’s clear to see that safety is given top priority by the Shell Management Team, who make every effort to instil the Shell ‘Goal Zero’ mindset to all personnel undertaking activities on behalf of Sparrows. Brian said, ‘It’s important that everyone understands the acceptable criteria in maintaining their own and fellow colleague’s safety whilst working offshore’

The Management team regularly promote the need to implement quality tool box talks, stop and discuss a task if they are unsure, insist that correct procedures and practices are adhered to and also make sure that the correct PPE is worn.

“We challenge all crews to adhere to the ‘Shell Golden Rules’, where intervention on any unsafe act is expected and respect to one and other is the norm. Compliance to these rules and supporting procedures are key to achieving expected safety standards. We believe in implementing these procedures and monitoring a consistent, high level of safety awareness, whether this be done with the workforce on site or off-shift, for example in an away day, we can continue to achieve many more days, weeks and months without injury to ourselves and our colleagues. It won’t just happen, we need to make it happen’.

To further encourage safety standards, The Shell Contract Team developed the Integra Deck-Operating Safety Programme, designed to focus on basic safety practices, enhancing team work between the crane operator, slinger and banksman and creating common standards across all Shell installations, which is proving to be a great success. The initiative is a joint collaboration with Sigma 3 and was implemented in January 2007. Since then, incidents have been reduced by 56%, with high potential incidents reduced by 100%. Following its success, the Integra Program team is currently in discussion with Seawell, Shell’s drilling contractor, to implement the programme through the drilling fraternity.

As well as actively supporting Shell’s ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’ programme, the Management Team are delivering one-to-one safety discussions with all available flying squad crews and sub contractors that visit Shell installations to deliver on contract services.

The Shell Crane Management contract manages crane services on all Shell Northern and ONEgas Operations offshore installations and also at the Torry Marine Base in Aberdeen. As the ‘Crane Manager’, they are responsible for maintenance and operations to ensure that the cranes are available for lifting operations at the periods required.


Manhour Record for Shell Contract

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